The Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime Northern Ireland (PAW NI) brings together statutory agencies, non-statutory agencies and interested parties with the common goal of combating wildlife crime through publicity, education and campaigning.

PAW NI partners include key government Departments, PSNI and other enforcement agencies, environmental organisations, animal welfare groups and country sports associations. 

More about PAW NI and the partners can be found here

Leaflets on how to recognise Wildlife Crime can be found here

During 2017-2018 the Raptor Subgroup of PAW NI was successful in a funding bid to the Department of Justice’s Assets Recovery Community Scheme (ARCS). This fund is designed to support initiatives which benefit victims, communities and the environment and implement project which prevent crime or reduce the fear of crime. And so ‘Hawk-Eyes’ was born.

You can read more about the Hawk-Eyes project in the blogs on this site. Please Watch Out For Wildlife Crime and report suspicious activity to PSNI on ‘101’.