Hawk-Eyes goes live!

Some of the representatives of PAW NI looking out for birds of prey: L-R Dr. Eimear Rooney (NIRSG), Noreen Gallagher (RSPB), Roisin Kearney (RSPB), Emma Meredith (PSNI), Dr. Jon Lees (NIEA)

It is with absolute elation that we can announce that ‘Hawk-Eyes’ has gone live to the public! The official launch, along with the launch of the 2009-2018 Raptor Persecution Report, was covered by the BBC’s Environment correspondent Conor Macauley on 8th November 2019 (see here).

Dr. Jon Lees (NIEA) being interviewed about the project

We aim to have regular updates on the movements of some of the birds on this blog and keep you all informed on the progress of the project. We will also have some guest blogs from people working in conservation and wildlife crime prevention, both in Northern Ireland and further afield, and from volunteers who are instrumental to the conservation of these birds.

Dr. Eimear Rooney (NIRSG) describes the technology being used

Between 2009-2018 there have been 58 confirmed incidents involving 66 bird of prey – these have involved shooting, poisoning, trapping and nest destruction (see Persecution Report 2009-2018). They have occured in a fifth of all 10km squares across Northern Ireland (see hotspot map below). There has also been an additional 14 confirmed incidents involving other baits and/or killed wildlife, where birds of prey were undoubtedly the target. The laws to protect these birds were made in 1985; that’s almost 35 years ago!!

Please help us to spread the message – ALL birds of prey in Northern Ireland are protected!

The penalties for committing wildlife crime in Northern Ireland are up to £5,000 fine PLUS a 6-month custodial sentence…PER OFFENCE!

The PSNI are working hard, along with all the PAW NI partners, to tackle wildlife crime and they want your information: if you see something suspicious then please call PSNI on ‘101’. For more information to help you recognise crimes against birds of prey see ‘things to look out for